Terms of Service

Last Update:  20 April, 2019

Gotcha (“Gotcha”, “our”, “we”, or “us”) provides chatting, friendship, dating, and other features to all users in around the world.

We’re provide these terms of service so you can understand the terms of your use of Gotcha application. You agree with our Terms by installing, accessing, or using our apps, services, features (collectively “Services”).

If we update or change with our Terms of service, we will announce and inform to you and will update the date in this above Terms of service.

1. Our Services

1.1 Registration:
You must register for our Services using accurate and correct data, provide your current mobile phone number. You agree to receive text messages (from us or our third-party providers) with codes to confirm and verify you to using our Services.

1.2 Account Owner: An or any account that you registered with us is personal to you and you are not allowed from gifting, lending, transferring or otherwise permitting any other person to access or use your account.

Your account name, email, username / ID are our property, and we can suspend or even permanently disable your account if you trying and proven violate our terms of services.

1.3 Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 or older in order to use our services, if you’re under 18 please do not use our services because one of our services is providing dating features.

1.4 Account Security: You are responsible to safeguarding your account details, including any passwords used to access your Gotcha account, and all use of our services under your account. Do not share your password to any users to prevent unwanted things.

You must promptly notify us at by submitting a report at cs@gotcha.com if you know or suspect that your password or account has been compromised or hacked. We will try our best to help you.

1.5 Devices: For as long as you use our application and services, you agree to download and installing update in our application, including automatically and You must provide certain devices, software and data connections to use our Services, which we otherwise do not supply.

2. Users for Using Our Services

For all users who using our services, you agree to:

2.1 Help Protect Your Account: You agree that you will help to protect your own account, by not giving your login information to other users, to another unknown website or third party. And do not share any your sensitive data such as,

2.2 Report Suspicious Activity: If you found any suspicious activity in our services, please report immediately to us, we will keep Gotcha safety and convenience for all our users.

2.3 Responsibility: You are responsible for anything happened under your account and accept the any risks from unauthorized access. We are not responsible from anything happened outside our services. You solely responsible for anything that you posted, uploaded or published and your interaction and behavior to other users.

3. Acceptable Use of our Services

You must agree with our terms of services and privacy policy, if you not agree or violate our terms, then we will able to disable or permanently banned your account.

3.1 Acceptable Use: You must access and use our Services only for legal, authorized, and acceptable purposes.

3.2 Violating Gotcha and Other Users: You are not allowed, help, prepare or in other ways to provide information, teach, share ways to exploit, modify, hack our services that can harm, damage services, systems, services, data, our users that you are good at doing directly or not or by automatic means.

These are some example of violations in which users must understand and avoid (Without Limitations)

  • Do not try to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to our application and services.
  • Users are strictly prohibited from reverse engineer, decompile, change, modify, create derivative works from or extract code from our services or applications.
  • You are prohibited from collecting any information from other users in an unauthorized manner or by other means that are illegal.
  • Users are not permitted to store, send, install or send viruses or other malicious computer codes through or to services on our application.
  • Create an account in an illegal way or through an automated program that can harm our services or other users.
  • Disrupt or impair our application or system which can reduce the quality of services.
  • Do not harass, threat, or any inappropriate behavior to other users in chat, comment on new updates or any communication method in our services.
  • You are not permitted to sell, resell, share, rent, make your own prices on our services both inside and outside the service.
  • It is prohibited to disseminate, provide our services in an illegal manner or can use our services on multiple devices at the same time.

4. User Content and Service Features

You understand and must follow our Terms of Services in our application (such as new updates, chatting and profile page) to ensure safety and comfort to other users and protect our community. All users that are not willing to follow our terms of service will be suspended or permanently banned.

4.1 You understand and agree that we may delete any content you published, profile page, photo, videos, sound, voice, message, or any other content or materials that violate our Terms of Service.

4.2 You know and understand the we are not responsible whatever you post, upload and publish in our services but you are solely responsible for the content that you upload, publish or display (usually referred to as “posting” and “uploaded content”) on the Service or any material or information that you submit to our application or to other users.

4.3 To provide services for users, you grant us (Gotcha) a royalty-free, sublicensable, non-exclusive, worldwide and transferable license to use, distribute, reproduce, create derivative works of, display, and perform the information (including the content) that you upload, share, submit, posted, keep, send, or receive on or through our Services (Mobile platform or web).

You warrant and acknowledge that:

(a) You have original content or have content posted by you on the application or have the right to give a license to the content you have.

(b) Ensure that your content does not violate privacy rights, public rights, anyone’s intellectual property rights. You agree to pay all royalties and you post on the mobile application.

4.4 The following are some lists of types of Content that are strictly prohibited, not permitted and illegal in the use of our services.

Please note that we have the right to investigate and make appropriate legal decisions and actions on our policies against anyone who violates the provisions of this list, (including without limitation) to remove offensive or offender communication and inappropriate content from the Service and terminate the users that violate our Terms of Service.

These are the list that are prohibited content (Without Limitation):

You are prohibited from doing (or helping other people) things that can violate our terms of service.

  • Users openly offend and promote sexism, racism, bigotry, attack religion, spread hatred, damage the reputation of others or physical damage of any kind to any individual or group. Any content that is pornographic and obscene that can disturb and undermine human dignity.
  • Intentionally harassing or advocating harassment of other people or containing language that can be considered offensive or tends to drop and harass, anger, embarrass, cause concern, disturb the comfort of others (or other users).
  • Spread false news or false rumors that can cause anxiety, criticism, threats and slander to make users and people feel insecure.
  • Disseminate other people’s content, copyrights belonging to others, copyright infringements, hijack other people’s applications and software and share them in our services.
  • Openly sells illegal goods, drugs, weapons, smuggled goods, smuggled animals, or other illegal things.
  • Giving bad teachings or knowledge that can harm other people, plan crimes, commit terror against other people or other communities.
  • Post content for fraudsters, scams, misleading, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, or pyramid schemes.
  • Upload or spread inappropriate content, such as pornographic photos or videos, obscene, nudity in our service.
  • Do not distribute other people’s accounts, such as e-mail and passwords.

4.5 You must be consistent in following and obeying the rules in Gotcha.

4.6 You agree not to make this application, service, or Gotcha as a medium for the sale and purchase of illegal goods, media for criminal acts, or illegal services. Everything that mentioned above from the list of prohibited content.

4.7 You are not allowed to imitate, impersonate other people, public figures, artists, or even politicians.

We have the rights to disable or permanently banned your account if you violate or abuse our Terms of Service. We believe and you agree that you provide us with your correct account, accurate and truthful information when register and use our services.

And for all users of our service, you know and agree if we, gotcha, and, third party partners and our affiliates are likely to advertise in our application.

5. No Spam Regulations

We at Gotcha request, support and encourage every user who uses this application to maintain order and comfort on this platform. We ask you not to spam or engage in spam that can interfere with the convenience of other users. Example of spam is advertising, junk mail, annoying content and all forms of advertising in our application.

6. Behavior, Interactions, and Respect for Other Users

Please to keep and maintain your behavior, interactions to other users. You need to respect every user in our platform. We asked you to be a good user and not to threatening any users. Please keep your any vital information and privacy from any users for safety reason such as, credit card or financial information. We have the rights to monitoring and watch if you and others have a potential that can harm our services.

7. Changes, Updates, Modifying, or Delete Our Features

We have the rights to changes, updates, modifying, or delete our features and services because we always trying to innovate and maintain security and comfort for every user. We may not to provide any information or announcement to you.

Our Services may be interrupted, including for maintenance, repairs, upgrades, or network or equipment failures.


You use services and applications at your own risk. You acknowledge and agree that we (Gotcha) are not responsible for the effects, undesirable events both inside and outside our service. All for your own caution and negligence.


The Gotcha parties and group will not responsible to you for:

  • We are not responsible for anything that users are posted, uploaded, published in our services and what users showed or displayed including email messages. also for users interaction or behavior with other users in our services.
  • Loss of income, loss of goods, loss of business, loss of money, loss of opportunity, or other fraudulent material.
  • We do not guarantee your security if you agree to meet other users somewhere and clearly outside our service. All forms of unwanted events are beyond our responsibility, we only recommend to really trust, be alert and be careful if you agree to meet other people outside of our service.
  • If you violate the rules and laws of your respective country, we cannot defend you. You agree and know we will provide information and data if the law asks us to provide the data.

10. Subscription and Coins

You may want to purchase our coins for the virtual currencies in our services. This is used for advanced features to our services and for disabling the ads. You can purchase coins with varying amounts, without limit and without expired dates to coins but our advanced features will be expired if you do not to choose to extend the duration of use.

For Android you can purchase coins via your Google Play Account to use our advanced services in the application.

11. About Features Fees and Changes

We have the rights to put fees to our advanced features or changes to decrease, increase, delete and add more features in the coming future. Our fees may change from time to time according to our wishes.

12. Compensation and Indemnity

You must agree to compensate and defend Gotcha, subsidiaries, affiliates, officials, agents, and partners and other employees,

for harmless losses, liability, claims, or requests, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by each third party because of or arising from:

  • Abuse on our service.
  • Violating or alleged on our terms of services and privacy policy.
  • Mispresentation by entering incorrect information on our service.

13. Customer Service

Gotcha provide customer service to assist and guidance to every user in our services. However, please be respectful and use polite language when you communicate with our customer services. You must not be abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexist, threatening, harassing, racially offensive, or not to behave inappropriately.

Please be cautious, if we feel our customer services feel threatened or anything else as we mentioned before, we will immediately act decisively by suspending your account.

If you have questions or issues about your account, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services cs@gotcha.com, we will be happy to help you.

If you not agree or don’t like our terms of services, we allow you to do not use our services or Gotcha application