Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Gotcha the biggest chatting, friendship and dating platform in the world. In this page you can find all FAQ.

  1. How can I edit my profile?
    You can edit your profile on about button in full profile page, or simply you can tap the hamburger menu and tap your photo. Also, you can go to settings and choose edit profile.

  2. Can I Change my Email Address?
    Yes, you can change email address. You can go to settings and choose change email address option. Please note that this will be affect your email login.

  3. Can I Turn Off Gotcha Notification – Your Friend is Here?
    Sure you can do that, in the settings page you will found Gotcha notification. This option will turn off and on your Gotcha Notification. Moreover, you can change this notification distance according your preference.

  4. I Want to Change the Language
    You can change the language in the settings page or you can find it in the sign in / up page, for now you can change to Indonesian or English language only.

  5. What are the Searching Features are for?
    These features are really helpful for you who want to search dating, more friends or old friend, you can search specifically using filters for age, gender, region. There’s a lot coming up in the next update on search features, stay tuned!

  6. How Do I Block Users from Sending Messages to Me?
    You can block any user from sending messages to you, simply go to the chat room between you and your chat friend, tap the option in the top right corner and choose block.

  7. How Do I Report a User?
    If you found users that posted inappropriate content, abusive behavior and violate our terms, you can help us by report them to us. You simply can find it the three-dot button in the top right corner on chatting, user full profile, and gallery. We’ll handle your report as soon as possible.

  8. I Don’t Want to Show My Location and Not Receiving Message for a While
    You can hide your location according to your wishes. You can turn off your location in privacy settings in your full profile page. In there, you can set your chat availability and to turn on / off your location.

    Please note if you turn off your location in privacy settings, this will affect location in my activity and map function on search features.